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We offer professional Small Business Website Design Service here at Spectracolor.

When is the last time you have used a phone book to look up for the service you needed? People don’t even have phone books anymore. Now days, people just use their computers or smartphones to search for local businesses. If you don’t have a presence in web, you are missing out a lot of potential customers. Advertisements in local news papers and coupon books works okay but remember, it’s an on going fee and as soon as you stop paying for it, your advertisement also stops. With a small business website which is a lot more affordable, you can start gaining new customers searching for your business through an online search. An investment in custom business website pays for itself when it brings more customers to your business daily.

Having a website and getting calls from customers from online search result is like fishing with more fishing poles instead of one. You’ll have more leads and chances of getting that business.


There are two pricing options. “Monthly Subscription” or “One time buy out

  • Pros & Cons

  • Full Rights to WebsiteFull Rights to Website
  • On going monthly paymentsOn going monthly payments
  • Lower upfront costLower upfront cost
  • Free to choose own hosting companyFree to choose own hosting company
  • Monthly Hosting FeeMonthly Hosting Fee
  • Add & Change as many pagesAdd & Change as many pages
  • Option 1

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Full Rights to WebsiteAt any time during the subcription, you can buy out the website at the full original price to own the rights to your websiteno
  • On going monthly paymentsyes
  • Lower upfront costWith lower initial setup cost, it's more affordable to get it startedyes
  • Free to choose own hosting companySince it's subcription base, WE MUST host your websiteno
  • Monthly Hosting FeeHosting is included with the monthly subscription fee. So, no separate hosting fee with this
  • Add & Change as many pagesYou DO NOT have the admin access. We charge $100 / hour. Tell us what you need extra of and we'll quote you based on the each additional projectno
  • Option 2


  • Full Rights to Websiteyes
  • On going monthly paymentsYou still need to pay for the hosting whether it's with us or any other hosting companyno
  • Lower upfront costYou will save money this way in a long
  • Free to choose own hosting companyYou are free to choose your own hosting company. We offer $15 / month hosting or $120 / year if it's prepaid by the year in advanceyes
  • Monthly Hosting FeeWhether it's with us or other hosting company, you need to pay the monthly hosting fee. Hosting fee is like rent you pay for your commercial space. Instead of physical place, it's on internet space.yes
  • Add & Change as many pagesIt is your website and you have the full admin access. You can add and change as many additional pages as you need them. We can also do it you professionally. We charge $100 / hour. Tell us what you need extra of and we'll quote you based on the each additional projectyes

So what sets us apart from the rest?

We have been in business here in Simi Valley, CA since 1982 at the same address where you can always come in or call us and ask any questions. We are small business ourselves so we know what your small business needs in terms of getting new customers from internet search. We are one stop shop that provides total solution to all your small business needs so there is no need for going back and forth to different places for all your needs. Once we design your website, we can provide you with matching theme business cards, car magnets, screen printed t shirts, postcards, flyers and so on. No need to ask for graphic files from this company to that company and such.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 805-581-0722 and ask for Mark or send us email using the contact form below.

If you wish to send us a file to print or for us to look at, please email it to

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