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WordPress…CMS…what is that????

We make our website based on wordpress. Meaning, it is CMS (content management system) and is very google friendly. Unlike regular HTML-based websites, wordpress site lets you edit, modify and add your own contents without needing to go through web guy once website design is done. After we launch your website, you can add your own blogs and change things on your own. (* Available on most plans)

To view different plans, click the link below.

Web Design Service Plans

I have so many ideas of what I want on my website but I don’t know where to start…

If you wish to do so many things with your website in the future but don’t quite have exact picture yet, please start with basic plan. We can add more stuff gradually as you think of them and need them. (For additional cost, of course. We charge $100 / hour with an average additional page costing $100) The great thing about WordPress (CMS) is they are easy to change and update the contents. The longer you wait, more potential customers you might loose.

How long does it take you guys to launch my custom website?

The process usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks. (That’s after we receive all the contents from you) How fast we can launch website depends on how fast you can gather all the information needed and they are given to us. (Such as text contents for your about us page, photos, list of services and such) We can only work as fast as you are providing us with the contents.

What is pros & cons of your different pricing choices?

ONE TIME BUY OUT” has higher initial investment but it is one time fee and you fully own the contents of your website and don’t have to pay for ongoing fee (You’ll still have to pay for the hosting fee which is like rent for your commercial space)

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION” has very low initial setup fee so you can get started on your website easily but it has ongoing monthly fee. You also DO NOT OWN the website. Once you cancel your subscription, the website also goes offline. It is NOT TRANSFERABLE.

Great, I want you to make my website. What do you need from me?

  1. You need to find a good name for your website address first.
  2. The contents you want posted on your site such as texts, list of services and some photos
  3. Choose the pricing plan that fits your needs. We have “ONE TIME BUY OUT” & “MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION” options.
  4. Please come by our store or call 805-581-0722 and ask for Mark

To view different plans, click the link below.

Web Design Service Plans

My website was launched yesterday and it’s not coming up on google search, what’s wrong?

It takes time for google or any search engines to crawl every pages on your website and shows on their search results. It usually takes about 1 to 3 months to start showing up on search results. Blog posts come up on search results quicker than the static pages.

Now that my website is launched, will my phone start ringing from people finding me on internet search?

Your custom website we built is very search engine friendly. However, depending on what industry your business is and how many competitions are in your local area, you will need to stay very active online such as blogs and social networking sites and be promoting your websites. It isn’t a magic that happens automatically overnight. The more time you spend on promoting your website, more chance it will do good on search results.

I am on monthly subscription right now, can I switch to BUY OUT option?

Yes, during any time of your subscription, you can pay the full amount of original “ONE TIME BUY OUT” option and you will own the website.

I’d like to own the full rights to my custom website, which option should I choose?

If you like to own the full rights to your website, please purchase any of the “ONE TIME BUY OUT” pricing option

I want these cool flash animations on my website, do you offer them?

We do not do flash animations for our websites. Flash animations are ignored by search engines and smartphones. Search engines can not see and interpret what flash is about. It doesn’t do any good to search engine optimization. Yes, it does look cool but all it does is slows your loading time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 805-581-0722 and ask for Mark or send us email using the contact form below.

If you wish to send us a file to print or for us to look at, please email it to spectracolor@gmail.com

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